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    Chinese, oil pump, oil industry, independent survival crisis

    Source: Time:2016-08-26 08:31:39 frequency:

    Can seek the transnational corporations in the Chinese market, are no longer willing to allow Chinese enterprises to maintain the learning control of introduced technology, they attempt to sweep the huge Chinese market,An unavoidable fact is that when electronic controlled diesel injection technology has begun to spread around the world, multinational companies inroads into the Chinese market, all the Chinese enterprises so far are also can produce mechanical oil pump and nozzle. Thus, a relatively independent China oil industry survival is threatened. Imitation steering introduction technology.

    With Soviet aid of Luoyang No.1 tractor factory as a milestone, China has gradually set up a a mainly agricultural supporting independent oil pump and nozzle industry. Before the reform and opening up, under the Ministry of machinery industry of oil pump glib enterprises a total of 10, including Wuxi, Beijing, Nanjing, bright and beautiful river, Han River, Hubei, Shandong Huangxian, Dalian eight professional pump nozzle plant, and Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory and Luoyang Tractor Factory affiliated to the oil pump and oil nozzle factory, the formation of "8 + 2" pattern.

    With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, especially in the last century and the end of 80s to the beginning of 90s, the policy of "gasoline to diesel oil" has promoted the rapid development of diesel engine industry. During this period, the Chinese enterprises started to imitate the purchase of production licenses, technical cooperation and other ways to introduce some advanced foreign models and technology, while the level of independent development of the diesel engine has also been improved. By 1990, China's annual output of diesel vehicles has reached 75 thousand and 800, the proportion of diesel vehicles is 14.9%, in 2000 the two numbers were reached 614 thousand and 29.7%. In the last century, 90s, the larger development of the construction machinery industry has become another major user of diesel engine. With the expansion of demand, Weichai and Yuchai and a number of agricultural machinery industry from the diesel engine enterprises are growing up.